About Us

The Department of Sports, Punjabi University, Patiala came into existence on 28th February, 1963 as a tiny unit. The accelerated pace of sports achievements of the University over the recent decades have been instrumental in enabling the department to grow from strength to strength and occupy a place of prominence in the developmental road-map of the University. Headed by a regular director, the Department has a well-trained, competent and fully committed band of 19 coaches/instructors representing various disciplines. It needs no reiteration that the Department has been moving on the path of sustained growth, both quantitative and qualitative, speedily and steadily crossing important milestones one after the other in terms of improved sports infrastructure development, management (conduct and organization) of intercollegiate and inter-university sports competitions, and coaching-training facilities. The stupendous achievements of the University’s youth in sports competitions over the years can, without hesitation, be attributed squarely to the constant patronage of the vice-chancellor, unqualified cooperation of the University’s top administration, unflinching support of various sports committees, the indomitable will of the training faculty and relentless effort of the sports-persons. The primary aim of the Department throughout has been to offer playing opportunity to all University students desirous of practicing sports seriously, and encourage the talented ones to make sincere effort to achieve the highest distinction in sports at national and international levels by providing them the best available inputs in terms of equipment, coaching, training, nutrition, kitting, etc.

The department is proud to have played a vital role in the following outstanding achievements of the University in games and sports.

Punjabi University Patiala won Shri Meghnath Nageshkar Trophy for the overall championship in Men’s section in All India Inter University sports competitions for the year 2004-05.
Maulana Abul Kalam Azad Trophy : In the year 2005-06 Punjabi University won MAKA Trophy for the first time and after that its winning spree continued for the years 2006-07, 2007-08, 2008-09 and 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16 & 2016-17.

The regular activities of the Department include organizing.
(a) Coaching camps for all kinds of sportspersons (seniors, juniors, men, women, and young budding school players).
(b) Scheduled inter-collegiate, allotted inter-university competition and inter-faculty and inter-department contests in some selected sports and for the campus student youth. Sports competitions are also selectively organized by the Department for the administrative staff of the University. Summer Coaching Camps are organised in all games both for student athletes and young school children, who in a few years would be joining colleges. Prior to the inter-university competitions, intensive coaching programmes are carried out in all sports and games in which the contests are scheduled to be held in near future. As a goodwill gesture, the department also lends services of the departmental coaches to the different affiliated colleges on demand and exigency.


S.No. Designation Name
1.  Director, Physical Education & Sports  Dr. Gurdeep Kaur
2. Assistant Director, Physical Education & Sports Mrs. Mohinderpal Kaur
S.No.  Designation Name
1.  Coach Athletics Dr. Jasbir Singh
2. Football Coach Dr. Dalbir Singh
3. Volleyball Coach  Sh. Dal Singh
4.  Cycling Coach  Sh. Mittarpal Singh
5. Wrestling Coach Sh. Avtar Singh
6. Boxing Coach Sh. Jaswant Singh
7.  Table Tennis Coach Sh. Princeinder Singh
8. Archery Coach Sh. Jiwanjot Singh
9.  Athletics Coach Sh. Dharminderpal Singh
10. Volleyball Coach Ms. Rachna Devi
11.  Boxing Coach Ms. Renu Bala
12. Hockey Coach  Ms. Meenakshi
13. Yoga Instructor Mrs. Mukesh Chaudhary
14. Gatka Instructor  Sh. Avtar Singh
15. Shooting Instructor  Mrs. Swaranjit Kaur
16. Tennis Instructor Mr. Parvesh Kumar
17. Archery Instructor Sh. Surinder Singh
18. Cycling Instructor-cum-Technician Ms. Gurpreet Kaur
19. Canoeing & Kayaking Instructor Sh. Inderjit Singh


S.No. Designation Name
1. Superintendent Smt. Devki Devi
2. Senior Assistant S. Kulwinder Singh
3. Senior Assistant Sh. Mangat Ram
4. Senior Assistant Sh. Dharam Raj
5. Assistant Weight Trainer Sh. Dayal Dutt Joshi
6.  Laboratory Attendant Sh. Arupinder Singh
7. Daftri Sh. Balwinder Singh
8. Peon Sh. Kanhaiya Parshad
9. Peon Smt. Shanti Devi
10. Peon Sh. Sunil Kumar


S.No. Designation Name
1. Head Groundman Sh. Jai Pal
2. Marker Sh. Amarjit Singh
3. Groundman Sh. Prem Chand
4. Groundman Sh. Hans Raj
5. Groundman Sh. Sukhwinder Singh
6. Groundman Sh. Gurwail Singh
7. Groundman Sh. Noor Mohammad
8.  Game Boy Sh. Rajiv Kumar
9.  Game Boy Sh. Amit
10. Game Boy Sh. Jatinder
11. Game Boy Sh. Pargat Lal
12. Groundman Sh. Nirmal Singh
13. Groundman  Sh. Dharam Pal
14. Groundman Sh. Gurwinder Singh